Monday, January 3, 2011

Dead Poets Society

Stars:Robin Williams , Robert Sean Leonard ,
Ethan HawkeJosh Charles , Dylan Kussman.

Directed By: Peter Weir

Written By: Tom Schulman

They say mere words cannot make a difference but the truth is that they do. Words and ideas can move mountains, they do have the power to change the world. If we look back in history, revolutions have been headed by people who knew how to deliver the right words. Poets have always had a say in every revolution. If great speeches ignite the fire of revolution , the poets and their works have worked as fuel  for this fire. Dead Poets Society, is an inspirational movie that quotes from great poets, inspires and revolutionizes lives of few young men who were in it and many more who became a part of it .

John Keating joins back his Alma mater "The Welton Academy" as  an English teacher. Welton Academy known as one of the top most preparatory schools, stands tall on its discipline and traditions.  Keating teaches a class of seniors and  tries to inspire them to think for their own. He believes education means thinking for yourself and that's what he tries to inculcate. He brings a spark of hope and ambition to lives of few in his class and is able to make a difference to their lives but ultimately as always with anyone trying to move away from the herd in the end Keating is disposed off by the Academy after one of Keating's student commits suicide.

John Keating played by Robin Williams is definitely a high light of the movie but the heart of the movie lies with the story and the students of the school played by a very talented cast that includes the incredible Ethan Hawke. Robin Williams in one of his few low profile high impact non comic roles gives a splendid performance. His Keating is very realistic. Its easy to relate to his character and the way he communicates with his students is what moves the heart. Being a part of an institute one knows what that institute can provide and i feel everyone has a wish if we could go back and change one thing or make a difference.Robin's Keating is very much interested in his students and wants them to believe in themselves. The way he listens up to Tod , understands Neel , it just makes the movie like a mirror for some, looking straight at our past.  

The biggest asset of the movie apart from the story is its supporting cast. The young students played by various artists attach a lot of  meaning  and realism to the movie by adding  a wide range of emotions and behavior to the plot. These are students that we all had in our classes  a geek ,an extrovert , a introvert trying to fit in, the class laugh target, a bookworm and all those. Ethan Hawke plays Tod Anderson a shy kid , filled with potential but holding too much in. Keatings interactions with Tod and Neel give some memorable and short moments. The varied personalities of the students and the varied affect of what Keating tries to convey to them is a delight to watch. The last moments of Keating in class, I have to say are my favorite scenes in the movie and one of the best endings I have seen. Its not just moving but it has something more than that. It has a satisfaction, its has the feeling of accomplishment, the smile on Keatings face and the sparkle in the eyes of the boys , like saying so much to their teacher.

Story by Tom Schulman is endearing and also has subtle message that just not only fits in the movie scenario but every where else. The dialogues  are definitely lasting and so is the impact. The movie is sensitive but also smart. The way it lays the points out is simple engaging and definitely not boring. Peter Weir's direction is also brilliant specially sequences in the latter half of the movie. I loved the quotes from various writers and the poems quoted in the movie.

Dead Poets Society has every thing that places it among the better movies of the past 25 years. Its simple , its high on emotions and most of all its high on senses. Dead Poets Society is incredible , it may not last forever but is does leaves its cast for sometime. Watch it for Robbin Williams, brilliant writing and most of all what it has achieved to say , reaching a point where a lot of movies aspire to reach but fail miserably. Dead Poets Society is like a poetry so watch it with pleasure and listen to it carefully. It will leave you refreshed and all I can say about Peter Weir and his incredible team is "Oh Captain My Captain"

Plus: Robin Williams, Brilliant writing and much more.

Rating : 9/10


saurav a.k.a tats said...

the best review i have ever read for a motion picture..carry on adi...the movie conveys the message of living in the present beautifully..Carpe of my favourite scenes is when mr Keating('Sir' Robin Williams) makes Todd(Ethan Hawke) recite his feelings in form of a poem in front of whole class..

Gaurav Rhyme said...

Good review Aditya, Will Look forward for your more recommendations. But yeah one prob, In your review you never mention Charlie Dalton or "NUWANDA", I mean yeah he wasn't a central charachter but I'll never forget his line "Damn it Neil, The name is Nuwanda"

Aditya said...

@gaurav, yeah u r right, just he was the one who sparked and concluded it.
Just too blown away by Ethan Hawke and Williams that I forgot to mention his contribution. Thanks , Appreciate your comment.