Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Glory (1989)

Directed By: Edward Zwick

Written By: Kevin Jarre (screenplay), Lincoln Kirstein , Peter Burchard  (book)

American civil war has given us a number of memorable movies,some of them have just brought the story back and some have created each and every moment for us and have etched a great impact on lot of minds. Glory is one of the rare and latter kind. It not just makes a point but also creates a space for itself and the tale it portrays. Its a remarkable movie which touches a part of history and touches a lot of hearts. Its a remarkable movie with astounding star cast and brilliant direction which keeps the delicate and fragile nature and subject of the movie intact.

The movie tells the story of unmatched , outstanding courage , unconquerable  spirit, unshakable belief and indomitable human strength. Glory tells the tale of the  54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, the first colored regiment that fought in the civil war. Its a story that is woven from the letters of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw and plays from his view point. Shaw wrote about what he saw and what he felt while commanding the 54th regiment. The social and internal prejudice, the war within everyone involved deeply and committed to the cause but the choice these people made , brought peace and glory to them and to their country. Glory is like an essay about the untold heroes, brought to the big screen.

The cast of the movie is its biggest strength after the subject. An ensemble cast that includes Morgan Freeman, Danzel Washington and Matthew Broderick wow!. Danzel Washington has a screen presence which makes even the best of the pack look like newbie in movies where he is not even required to bring his A game, and he got an Oscar for his role in this one. So no guesses he really burns the screen with his performance as  a black man filled with anger, passion and a desire to be remembered. There is a scene towards the end where the army stands ready for attack and if looked closely only Mr. Washington is the one who looks like ready to give it to the enemy. Morgan Freeman , a voice, a personality that easily shakes up every sense when on the screen, gives a splendid performance as first colored Sargent of the battalion  . There are moments between Mr. Washington and Mr. Freeman which just light up the screen. Even the silence in the presence of these two stars feels like a very well thought and  written work. Matthew plays the guilt ridden, self doubting commander who is never sure of himself but when the time really comes he steps up and leads from the front. The story belongs to Matthew's Shaw and the moments where his inner expressions and dilemma's are revealed it gives a very human touch to the movie.

The direction by Edward gives Glory a lot of realistic touch. The dialogues are great and some are really heavy too. The emotional outbreak of its hardened characters provides moments of pure emotional glory. The subject is definitely about the experiences of Colonel Shaw but it provides an insight to the feelings of those who fought the war and their feelings about the reasons for it.  Glory moves beyond its subject and the way its been dealt with makes you stand up at moments. The Glory for Glory lies in the way the final product turned out , a magnificent classic which surely touches your heart but tells the really meaning of Glory.

"Courage is reflected in the choices we make and that's where lies all the Glory"

Plus : Great performance, brilliant direction.

Rating : 9/10

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saurav a.k.a tats said...

before this movie i knew Mathew Broderick only as Dr Tatopoulos of 'Godzilla'. But after this movie i realized the true potential of him in the field of Acting.