Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cinderella Man (2005)

Stars : Russell CroweRenĂ©e ZellwegerPaul Giamatti and Craig Bierko
Directed By:  Ron Howard
Written By: Cliff Hollingsworth (screenplay)Akiva Goldsman

One of my favorite movies and another one from the super sport of Boxing. This sport I don't know how but it keeps churning out one extraordinary tale after another. May be its that ring ,which turns those fighters with iron fists into lion hearted gladiators who never quit. Cinderella Man is the story of James .J. Braddock one such gladiator who fought, never gave up , neither in the ring nor in life.

James .J.Braddock is the star of this movie and is our Cinderella Man. One time prime boxer , who lost everything when the "Great Depression " hit U.S in 1929, he lost his property ,his wealth and the one thing that brought him all that wealth ,his boxing licence after he breaks his right hand in a fight.Working up in the docks, fighting to even keep his kids warm in winter, he gets a grasp of respite after he is asked to step in the ring as a replacement boxer fighting that time No.2 contender. His win surprises everyone and one fight leads to another and takes him to the top. This extraordinary fight for survival by James.J.Braddock earns him the title of "Cinderella Man" inspiring a whole lot, everyone from  people struggling for even basic meal to those fighting to move up.

The Real Cinderella Man
Another inspiring, extraordinary tale from the boxing ring. The story is one of the many highlights of this superb creation. The writers have adapted it brilliantly for the screen and Ron Howard with his unique ability to bring these real stories to life on the big screen creates a gem. With every scene the movie just keeps pulling you in and the attachment to the characters just grows. The work done in putting up those extraordinary fight sequences pays rich dividends as each one is like watching a fight from the ring side.

The cast is like perfect people at the right place. Russell Crowe one of the finest actors of his generation, gives another breath taking performance as James.J.Braddock. The body structure , the look , the expressions ,the punches everything is so perfect. Like with every character ,he makes this one his own as well. Looks every bit James.J.Braddock "The Bulldog from Bergen",from the fighting style to even the hair. He is great in every scene but the ones with his children and specially with his old friend and manager Joe are really brilliant. His eyes,the expression and the  silence says it all for him. Paul Giamatti as Joe Gould plays  very important and to perfection role. He is excited as an ordinary onlooker, concerned as a manager and just happy as a friend. Renee does a fine job as James wife Mae, providing the emotional support to her man as a wife and being concerned as a lover and mother of his kids.

Its an amazing movie , even if doesn't inspires you ,it will definitely give you a pleasant and wholesome experience as a movie goer. One of the best movies from Ron Howard and one the best performance among the long list of great performances by Russell Crowe. A must watch for every one.

Plus : Great story, superb direction and perfect performances.

Rating : 9.5 /10

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