Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Fighter (2010)

Stars : Mark WahlbergChristian Bale ,Amy Adams and Melissa Leo
Directed By:  David O. Russell
Written By: Scott Silver (screenplay)Paul Tamasy

I don't know if its the sport or the people but its something special and terrific about this sport called "Boxing" ,that it always gives us stories that are not just inspiring but are very very humane. The Fighter is another story from the sport of Boxing. Its the story of Micky Ward and his brother Dicky. The movie really stands by its title , true story of true fighters.

Micky Ward a boxer ,generally seen as stepping stone for other boxers is trained by his crack addict boxer turned coach half brother Dicky. Micky's manager is his mother Alice , who feels its good to keep everything within the family. Somehow Micky feels that neither his brother nor his mother give his career the value and the attention that could really pull him up the ranks. So he decides to move out of his town and train with professionals .

Dicky once a boxer is now a crack addict, lives in a delusional world, and thinks the HBO team who contacts him is making a film on his comeback ,which is actually a film on addiction. Dicky gets arrested and the film is aired during his stay in jail. The actual reality of the movie breaks his delusional self and he decides to get back up on his feet. Meanwhile Micky starts making progress in his boxing career and is being pitched as the No.1 contender for the title. Micky asks Dicky to train him again for the title fight which he eventually wins and becomes the Light Welterweight Champion. 

In a movie sometimes the characters are so strong that its difficult for the artists to live them on the screen , but in The Fighter the actors just made the characters their own and gave performances that were more powerful than the written characters. Specially Mr. Bale ,he kinda made the most amazing transformation I have seen in years. From Bruce Wayne to Dicky Ward is a  mammoth transformation, the body , the accent , the body language is tremendous. There is no Christian Bale in the movie all I could see was scattered , drug addicted and struggling Dicky Ward. Mark Wahlberg who had been trying to make the story in a Motion picture for so long , gives  a performance that was totally worthy of his Academy nomination and all the accolades . His dedication to the story and movie is reflected by his 4 years work on himself and the story. He doesn't even opts for stunt doubles during the fight scenes and takes all the punches. 

The leading ladies of the movie Amy Adams n Melissa Leo match the men through out. Melissa as Alice , Micky n Dicky;s mother and manager gives the performance that was totally deserving the Academy award she earned. Alice's relationship and possessive nature about her boys ,is beautifully portrayed by Melissa. Amy Adams gives yet another brilliant performance. I have seen her work in Julie & Julia and Catch Me if you can and both were good and so is this. As the girlfriend of Micky who brings up the rift between the family and also Micky's realization to move on. The supporting cast also pitches in worthy performances that make the movie an experience worth remembering.

The story is real and so is the movie experience. David.O.Russell gives the movie so much reality with his direction. Some of the scenes in the movie hit you hard, specially the part where Dicky faces his reality. The moments between the brothers feel honest and real. David doesn't allows the movie to go commercial with the camera work, the movie stays to the core and the story just holds its own. 

Its an extremely real movie with a lot of hard work put in which is reflected in every aspect of the movie. Its truly a movie that I would love to see again specially for the performances of the cast.

Plus : Brilliant performances, great direction and humane story.

Rating : 8.5/10

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