Monday, July 4, 2011

An amazing and large discovery

I was going through the usual activities at my blog when I saw this one link. I was eager to know ,so I clicked it and Phew! I landed up at movie blog called "" . Its an amazing and huge compilation. Its kind of a Catalog for the best movies in different languages and geographies. I was amazed by the amount of movies and the number of languages that were cataloged.

The blog contains all kinds of list, Best Movies from China, Hon Kong and Taiwan , Top Ranked movies from Japan, Best War movies and so on. Its truly amazing the kind of lists that were prepared , coz they were not just like Top films from Japan but the author actually puts in efforts to rank in his favorites out of them all.
May be I am just overwhelmed by the efforts and the time that might have gone into compiling such huge data but I felt that I should appreciate and thank the author for compiling such a huge database and sharing it with all the others. So to say Thank You, all or least I could do is write about his blog.

So if you are ever in doubt about searching for movies by language, genre or geography may be "The World's Best Films" could be one of the places you may wanna check out.


Mike Lippert said...

Cool, thanks for the link

Aditya said...

YW Mike,just got to thank the man.