Saturday, July 2, 2011

Delhi Belly (2011)

Stars : Imran Khan, Vir Das, Kunal Roy Kappor, Vijay Raj, Poorna Jagannnathan. 

Directed By: Abhinay Deo.

Written By: Akshat Verma

Finally after so long went to watch a movie and glad that I did.  Delhi Belly is a super fun watch with high humor quotient and probably is one of the very few out of all those A rated movie that deserves it. It got A from the censor for its content and definitely an A+ from me for the same.

Tashi (Imran Khan) , Arup(Vir Das) and Nitin ( Kunal Roy Kappor) are flat mates. Sonia (Shenaz Tyerwala) Tashi's girfriend asks Tashi to drop off a package somewhere and Tashi passes the responsibility to Nitin. Nitin goes down with "Delhi Belly" a stomach trouble and passes the responsibility to Arup. Nitin being down with stomach trouble gives Arup a stool sample as well to drop off at his doctor's clinic on his way to delivering the package. The packages get exchanged and that's when all the commotion starts.

One of the path breaking movies ,that I guess was so long due .The movie scores on its content, performances, music and its non apologetic free flowing screenplay and dialogues. A true situational  comedy with hardly any moment to catch one's breath. Right from the first scene to the last disco number, the movie keeps you engaged and with a running time of around 96 minutes it doesn't drags at all. The director Abhinay Deo ,who's last release Game was highly panned , definitely shows the talent that led Aamir Khan showing faith in him. The cinematography is brilliant and so is the editing, the pace is brilliant and there is hardly any character or scene which feels out of context..The real location shooting also aids in keeping it real and adds flavors to the movie.

Performances wouldn't say are all exceptional or great but they all come together and create a good movie. Imran Khan who plays Tashi definitely deserves applause for improving so so much. He does something that I guess no actor would have been able to do for the character i.e. not to act. The supporting cast of Vir Das, Kunal Roy Kapoor have the best unwritten  parts. I mean they feel like yeah that's what should have been done. The star of the movie for me was Vijay Raj, a brilliant actor ,who has done so well in the past, does it again. His character is wild and spins the story into top gear. The ladies ,Shenaz Tyerwala and Poorna Jagaanathan have small but very important character. Poorna as Menka gives a genuine performance. She looks naughty, confident and definitely gorgeous. Shenaz didn't had much to do but yeah she does well with her small part. The rest of the cast, the Landlord of the guys , the goons with Vijay Raj's character have all done a brilliant job, The coming together of all the small but brilliantly played parts makes "Delhi Belly" a delightful and fun movie.

Its a super fun movie and definitely worth spending the 96  minutes and few bucks.

Plus : Almost everything is good about it.

Rating : 9/10

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