Sunday, July 10, 2011

Raising Arizona (1987)

Stars : Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter , John Goodman, William Forsythe, William Forsythe
Directed By: Joel Coen
Written By: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen

There are some directors and movie writers for whom their work is a trademark and when I look at their work all I can say is ,"yeah this is why I love movies" and the Coen Brothers is one such pair. Every work done by this duo is far more than brilliant and "Raising Arizona" is no different. Another classic linear yet twisted tale which just tickles every funny bone in the body and is still a supreme cinematic experience in the unique Coen Brothers brand. .

H.I.McDunnough a regular burglar for whom life is robbing convenient stores and getting back to one place where he knows people, jail. H.I meets officer Edwina 'Ed" who is responsible for taking mugshots, in of his trips to the jail ,falls in love and decides to change. Marries Ed and they plan on starting a family, but the doctor tells them they won't be able to. At the same time "Arizona Quints" are born, a rich couple are blessed with 5 children. H.I and Ed decide to kidnap one of their kids and that's when all the commotion starts which is aided by Glen and Evelle, two convicts who break out of the jail and are friends of H.I. McDunnough.

The story like in every Coen Brother movie is linear but the execution is highly twisted. The movie has its bizarre and super funny twists which are much aided by the unique direction of the brothers , which has now become a trademark of the duo. The movie just unfolds from one situation into another and never stops cracking you up. The pace of "Raising Arizona" is fast and never gives you a dull moment. The sequence  where H.I tries to bust up another convenient store for diapers and is chased by police, gun slinging store clerk and a number of dogs is super funny. The sequences involving Gale and Evelle are another highlights to watch out for. The background score helps too in creating that super cool feel about the movie. The story just lets the characters takeover and bring colors to the whole experience.

Nicolas Cage as H.I. McDunnough lives one of his rare funny characters, which is still so tangled up inside.  One of the early parts by Cage before who took up more complex and serious outlaw characters , he brings so much earnestness and honesty to it ,through his eyes, through the mannerism aided by the close up camera work. Holly as Edwina is sweet and true to her characters feeling and mood swings. John Goodman and William Forsythe add flavors to an already spiced up movie, the sequences involving them and the kid are super funny. Each artist just adds more to the movie and shines up the rugged characters with a superlative performance, which all adds up and brightens up the movie.

"Raising Arizona" is supremely hilarious and yet gently emotional. Its one of the craziest and funniest movie I saw in a very long time. Its a must watch , if you have been late like me on catching it up,  and for others I am sure a re-run is great thought.

Plus : Performances, direction and super crazy sequences.

Rating : 9/10

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