Monday, July 18, 2011

The Sum of All Fears (2002)

Stars : Ben AffleckMorgan FreemanJames CromwellKen JenkinsLiev Schreiber

Directed By: Phil Alden Robinson

Written By: Tom Clancy (Novel)Daniel Pyne,  Paul Attanasio (Screenplay)

There are always some movies that may not be great but are pure fun and thrill to watch, they keep you hooked and entertained the entire time and I just love these kind of movies. The Sum of All Fears is one fantasy ride that I liked a lot. Its fun and probably only one of the rare movies that actually showed, fear of which a lot of movies have used as their story line. Based on the novel by Tom Clancy of the same name published in 1991.

The new Russian president promises to build a stronger Russia, which creates a fear of The Russians going back to the old cold-war era. Few created rumors help to fuel the fear. Rogue Russian generals and underground forces join hands to take advantage of such a situation. Jack Ryan ( Ben Affleck) is a analyst who has researched about the new Russian President and studied the man for long. William Cobart ( Morgan Freeman) is a trusted aid of the U.S President. Jack is brought on the team by William that's studying and analyzing the threats and rumors about Russia. A Nuclear explosion takes place in Baltimore which results in a looming nuclear war, which is aided by mis-understandings and wrong information. How Jack and William are able to avert a full grown nuclear war which threatens to destroy the nations and the world is the whole story.

The movie is a fun ride, its nothing surprise except that it actually showed a nuclear bomb going off, which I don't think I have seen before. Its almost on desired lines but still is fun and adventurous in short bursts.  The negotiations , the back channel dialogues and protocols are fun to watch. The direction by Phil is credible, the pace of the scenarios and the situations created really kept me on toes and intrigued. The few action sequences are fine but for me the real fun was the co motion and prevalent tension that the actors did pull of well.  

The lead cast does well, Ben Affleck is his usual, he may not be the best of the actors but yeah you give him something good,he does pulls it off quite credibly. His Jack is smart but still so not so over the board and he does brings that boyish charm to a character who is not sure if he is in the right place. Morgan Freeman, he is one actor you don't have to think about while casting in. Give him anything and he will sure raise it through his performance. Usual role of a CIA operative with full authority, control and he does it the way it should have been, cold and stern. The actors in supporting roles of President Fowler (James Cromwell) and President Nemerov (Ciaran Hinds) are two actors I felt did gave a mention able performance. 

It may be nothing special but it does shows when all the worst we fear comes together its hard to maintain the mind under control. Its really a sum of all fears and did brought some fun and excitement for its running time.

Plus : Sum of all Fears on a screen, something may be not often seen

Rating : 7/10

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