Friday, October 26, 2012

Lars and the Real Girl (2007)

Stars : Ryan GoslingEmily Mortimer and Paul Schneider
Directed By: Craig Gillespie
Written By: Nancy Oliver

When you look at a pile of rocks and among that pile you find a real gem, the amount of happiness and pleasure that moment gives you is mostly hard to explain. I was surfing through and I came upon  "Lars and the Real Girl" , the joy and happiness I felt after watching this movie was like finding a gem in a heap of rotten rocks. A beautiful story of a shy and emotionally closed boy who falls in love with a doll which helps him get back in the society is both intriguing and poignant at times.

Lars (Ryan Gosling) lives in the garage of his house, while his brother Guss (Paul Schneider )and his wife Karen( Emily Mortimer) live in the house and Lars lives in garage by choice. The caring sister-in-law Karen and brother Guss  are always worried about Lars and try to get him to move back in the house but in vein. One day Lars shows up at the house in evening asking Guss and Karen , if his friend could stay with them. To the surprise of Guss and Karen, the friend is doll, Lars got from the internet and he calls her Bianca. Initially they are taken aback and are clueless about what to do, but with the help of a doctor and the whole town they start treating Bianca as a real girl. Slowly Lars starts to move out of his shell and socialize.

The story is different, new and in a few ways bizzare but the treatment of the story and the performances by everyone involved from the writer , director ,actors to may be even the production team makes it  very interesting , emotional and delightful movie. I would say most of the credit goes to writer Nancy Oliver for coming up with such an amazing story, which is not obvious, fictional but yet so real. I mean a lot of us are tied up somehow in our emotional webs and try different things to get out of them and this is where this story connects somewhere may be just our objects and means to re-connect are different.

Ryan Gosling, what an amazing actor and what courage in his choice of movie s  He has been here for long period but in last 5 years the kind of work he has done is just fabulous. He is all Lars in the movie, the mannerism , the walk , the hush tone, the make up , he is a super performer. He makes the character so believable that its hard to distinguish between him and the character. He is happy being with Bianca  he is angry with her, is sad when she falls sick , he brings the doll alive on the screen. At some point it gets all believable and it feels yes Lars has a real girlfriend. The supporting cast of Paul Schneider as Guss, Emily Mortimer as Karen , Patricia Clarkson as Dr. Dagmar and all the others lend so much weight to their characters , that it feels like a perfect cast. All have done a commendable job specially Paul Schneider as Guss, when he breaks down, feeling responsible for the condition of his brother and in almost all the scenes with Lars and the doll. The other performance that I liked very much is of Kelli Garner as Margo, Lars colleague who loves him but accepts Bianca the doll as Lars girlfriend. Its a movie where tiny roles , played with utmost conviction just light up the whole screen.

Full marks to director Craig Gillespie for creating such a beautiful piece of art. Its emotional, its bizzare and yet so believable. Craig brings the best out of his actors, creates every scene with a lot of sensitivity and never goes for the over emotional cliché's . The background score by David Torn and the cinematography by Adam Kimmel  both are beautiful  and add a lot to each scene. The changing seasons, the hard winter during the time Lars is with Bianca and the coming of spring as Lars starts realising the real life is beautifully depicted.

 Its always easy to not care but when you do , you can change someone's life. Its amazing what small things and gestures of kindness can do , like in this movie what the town did brought Lars back to them .All I can say is 'Lars and the Real Girl  is absolutely a treat to the senses and is a must watch for everyone looking forward to a great movie. And I don't know why I don't rate it 10/10.

Rating : 9/10


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saurav a.k.a tats said...

Gr8 to see Golu is back with his reviews(that too on my day of birth)...after quite a hiatus(seems people have stopped working on scripts),made his fans wait...Need to watch this movie..