Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lincoln (2012)

Stars : Daniel Day-LewisSally FieldTommy Lee Jones and David Strathairn.
Directed By: Steven Spielberg
Written By: Tony Kushner (screenplay)Doris Kearns Goodwin(book) (in part)

The way a man is portrayed in history defines how he is remembered. Some men are beyond the books that are written about them and these men are not defined by their time but these men define their time.  Abraham Lincoln the 16th president of USA was one such man. Even today almost 150 years after his death his name draws respect and great admiration from billions. Lincoln is a tribute to this great man, who with his grit and determination defined and helped shape a state which stands tall today and is  lead by a man whose first step to the top was laid by Abraham Lincoln.

The movie is set in the year 1865 and travels through the last few months of Abraham Lincoln's first presidential tenure and initial few months of his second term as the United States president. The American civil war is in its fourth year and a Union victory looks inevitable. President Lincoln decides to again  put forth the 13th Amendment  in the US constitution before the house of representatives even though it was defeated 10 months back in the same house. Lincoln is about the journey of his struggle to abolish slavery by law and to bring peace to a nation which has lost hundred thousand men in a civil war for the same reason.

The movie Lincoln is like a perfect snap, which has the perfect light, great angle and a gorgeous view. The movie stands out for a lot of reasons but the 3 main reasons I feel that clicked for the movie were,

1. Daniel Day Lewis
2. Steven Spielberg.
3.The central character: Abraham Lincoln

The story is already a legend and is really compelling that you are already drawn in, then its a Steven Spielberg movie and to top it all Daniel Day Lewis is playing Abraham Lincoln, what more can one ask.
Steven Spielberg has given some amazing science-fiction films but I feel he has been at his best  in war films except "War Horse". He shows his master class in scenes which revolve around Abraham Lincoln, the subtlety with which he draws his central character to fore-front in each of these scenes and then just shows him walk away   allowing the thoughts to sink in is brilliant.

What can one say about Daniel Day Lewis, he is just perfect. He is brilliant as Abraham Lincoln,  he epitomises perfection. The way he walks, the way he talks, his tone, his body mannerism and those close-ups , WOW !!. He looks like Abraham Lincoln, that's just the appearance but the way he captures the soul of the character is what amazes me. Though there may not be a lot of video records of Abraham Lincoln but one can feel the power of a president  and  the anguish of a father, a husband and a common man who loves his nation in the eyes of Daniel Day Lewis.

Its hard to look beyond Daniel Day Lewis when he is on screen but this movie is helped by an ensemble of brilliant actors. Tommy Lee Jones, Sally Field , David Strathairn , James Spader , who have acted their hearts out. Sally Field as Mrs Lincoln helps us to see the father and a husband in a president. She is brilliant in every scene, as a mother who is still not able to cope with the loss of her child and as the strong first lady who is hiding her pain behind a smile while talking politics in a social gathering.

Lincoln is a beautiful movie about a great man which has been made memorable by a great team of extremely talented people. Please do watch .

Rating : 9 /10

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saurav a.k.a tats said...

"it was an actor that murdered Abraham Lincoln...(audience laughing)..and therefore its only fitting that every now and then an actor tries to bring him back to life(thunderous applause by audience)"- Daniel Day Lewis at Screen Actors Guild Awards 2013.