Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Meet Daniel Day Lewis on Movies 101

He is twice Best Actor Academy Award winner with most likely 3rd win this year out of 5 nomination, one of the best actors to ever grace the silver screen, the very reclusive, private and brilliant actor "Daniel Day Lewis" very rarely gives interviews with exceptions of promoting a movie but here we meet this outstanding actor in one of very rare interviews talking about his art and his journey on show "Movies 101". It was an amazing experience listening to Daniel Day talk with utmost honesty and respect for his craft and the people who made a difference to his career. The emotion and passion he attaches to his craft is very rare, even though every actor feels that way but the way he spoke about it was just so inspiring.

Here are the video link to this 5 part interview on YouTube

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2
  3. Part 3
  4. Part 4
  5. Part 5

A must watch because whatever you do its always inspiring to watch and listen to a man who is at the peak of his profession but has his feet firmly grounded.

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