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Warrior (2011)

Stars :     Directed By:    Written By:  (screenplay,story), (screenplay), Cliff Dorfman (screenplay,story)

I don't know what is that which makes a person a warrior or that which turns a warrior into human, but one thing for sure in either case is each transformation is fuelled  by an emotion. Warrior is a story of a family broken and brought together by emotion, passion and the will to fight back. A supreme movie with excellent story, direction and brilliant performances.

The tale of two brothers fighting for the survival of family, a family they never had as kids. Tommy Riordon (Tom Hardy),a former Marine returns to his home town and meets up his Dad Paddy Conlon(Nick Nolte)after long years. Tommy and his mom left Paddy few years back and since then Tommy had not met Paddy.At that time Tommy a young school wrestler not only leave Paddy but also had to part ways with his elder brother Brendon Conlon(Joel Edgerton). Brendon a high school Physics teacher now and a former UFC fighter choose to stay back with Tess(Jennifer Morrison)his girlfriend then and now his wife. The brothers never met after they went along their separate ways.

The biggest tournament in the history of MMA is announced, which draws the biggest names in the field. Tommy a former Marine ,needs the prize money to take care of his friends family and decides to team up with his ex-coach Paddy for training. Brendon is not able to keep up the payments on his loan for the house and is suspended from his job for being part of paid fights. He grabs a chance to take part in the event after one of the entrants gets injured. The movie is about these two warriors who fight for love, family, each other and someone they love.

Tommy Riordon is the star of show, I am happy when he is fighting in the ring , if not I am waiting for him to enter the ring.  Tommy is angry but he needs to hold all of it inside, he doesn't speaks much but you can feel all the emotions in his eyes. He is a frustrated solider,angry son, furious brother, a caring friend and a vicious fighter. A man with a rainbow of emotions which make him vulnerable yet he has to stay strong, he hates his family but is craving for their love. Tom Hardy lives all the inner struggles of Tommy Riordon and steals most of the scenes with his brilliant performance. Joel Edgerton does excellent work as a desperate father, caring husband and emotional brother.  Scenes between Brandon and Tommy are a delight to watch as they flip flop between a range of emotions. Nick Nolte  playing a recovering alcoholic father to the two warriors Brandon and Tommy, delivers a superb performance. Paddy is a weak father but a stern coach and his struggle to keep in one role at a time is what brings out the emotional outflow from with in and Nick Nolte nails it every time.

The fight sequences are really well shot, keeping every detail in mind. The whole set-up is fantastic and the tight direction by Gavin O'Connor takes it up a notch higher. There is always a chance to flood the movie with emotions when the intensity is so high but Gavin keeps it real without loosing his grip on the story. 

I loved this movie, its intense, action packed and complete with power packed performances from the leads. Its a sure watch .

Rating : 9/10

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