Tuesday, January 20, 2015


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Transformation , how much can you transform? Is there a limit to how much a person can change himself physically or emotionally to fit into something ? "Machinist" may answer a few question of this limit.  Besides the performance, story and other aspects, "Machinist" is a must watch because of near ridiculous transformation of Bruce Wayne to Trevor Redznik.

Trevor Redznik [Christian Bale] , is a machinist . Going through his monotonous life , with a just few glimmers of hope and couple of light spots. Two woman are anchor to his wandering sail, he is down out and lost. His life is going though a storm , the sky is closing on him and he not even trying to paddle his way out.

Its another riveting performance from Christian Bale, the astounding transformation of Christian Bale is just one of the eye-catching aspect of this brilliant movie. The story is very well bound and holds your attention  till the very end. With background score equally contributing to the dark and sombre theme of the movie adds that finish to every scene. The performances are brilliant from every actor.
Christian bale takes the concept of method acting to another level in his performance.

Its a must watch for every Christian Bale admirer. Its well crafted , tightly scripted and very well directed.

Rating  : 8.5


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