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Self/less [2015]

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Selfless tries to answer the question of living eternally through your mind. Keeping a mind alive while the body changes. Its interesting but is cliched and brought down by the urge to bring the story to a conclusion.

Damian Hale [Ben Kingsley] is a billionaire who is suffering from terminal cancer decides to keep himself alive through a transfer of consciousness into a dead body of Mark Bitwell [Ryan Reynolds] without knowing what will happen next. He believes he has lot to accoimplish and by keeping his mind alive he will be able to contribute and live on.

Mark assumes a new identity and starts living the new life with all the money inherited without any remembrance of anything of Mark Bitwell. New Damian has to take a medicine which keeps the consciousness of Mark suppressed. The  Idea is if he is able to subdue the memory of mark for a year or two he will be able to form Damian's memory completely.

But as the movie was made for a purpose to show case that whatever you do , how far you go but you wont be able to change that consciousness or overpower free will. Damian starts to feel and remember in flashes about mark. And what happens when the crisis for identity happens between Mark and Damian. The mind fights between the two and so does the soul. The fight between Good and Bad or you can say the fight for the right inside oneself.

The movie borrows its premise form its predecessors. A lot of movies have explored this story line previously. Director Tarsem singh doesn't even tries to explore the other side of the story. He follows the cliches and the ones I know he will, while still secretly expecting he will surprise me, which he doesn't. I believe the story can have different treatment and with slight changes a folktale can be presented as new but Self-less doesn't. 

Ryan Reynolds is decent, as he has been all his career expect the recent deadpool. He is funny no question about it but Ryan I feel has single dimension of acting which he uses effectively. There was nothing as such that interested me about the movie. I tried to stay connected and intrigued but by the end of first hour I knew the end and the next hour that was to follow. But have sat through much worse movies, I would suggest its decent not too bad so we can watch it.

I actually didn't had any opinion of self-less before I started this movie and after watching it hasn't changed. 

Ratings : 5/10 

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